"I now feel better, stronger, and have more energy." -Yuliya 27 Why Human Fitness

Students of Human Fitness see and feel immediate results

We’re all human yet every body is unique, just like our approach. Being fit is more than having the ability to finish a workout. How do you feel before and after the workout?

Training at Human Fitness will raise your standard for how you feel. Once you begin training, you’ll notice the difference immediately. Whether you’re coming or going you’ll feel better than the previous session. Our results transcend what a typical gym can offer.

You want a fit body that can do awesome things – but you also want to be pain-free. That’s our specialty. We guarantee you the body you want, safely, a workout where you laugh as much as you sweat, and a community of awesome fellow humans

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How do you create the optimal Human? Our Formula for success

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Assessment & Intro to Movement

A thorough assessment will pave a clear and concise path for us. How flexible and mobile are you? What are your goals?
Muscles stretch and contract, you’ll feel how each one functions. Creating body awareness ensures results and safety.

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Strength and Conditioning

Now that you can feel your muscles it’s time to load them so you can get stronger. RUN, JUMP, THROW, LIFT, SLAM, ROLL, PUSH , PULL. We will use these movements to create the body you desire.

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Health, performance, and body composition are affected by what you consume. Eating fast food everyday isn’t a good long term strategy. We’ll discuss how to create good, healthy habits with food.

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What's your goal? Pricing Plans

10 sessions - 1 on 1 60 minutes

10 sessions - 1 on 1 60 minutes


20 pack available for $1500 ($100 off)

10 sessions - 1 on 1 60 minutes
10 sessions - 1 on 1 30 minutes

10 sessions - 1 on 1 30 minutes


20 pack available for $850 ($50 off)

10 sessions - 1 on 1 30 minutes

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