October 16, 2015


Andreas Saltas¬†PT, MS, CKT ūüŹ•

Bodybuilding, powerlifting + athletic/ortho injuries.

¬†UntitledAndreas Saltas PT, CKT recieved his Bachelors Degree at the Institute of Lamia, Greece at which he was also working alongside with his professors at private offices as well as volunteer work/interventions at the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece. Andreas Saltas attended Masters Degree level courses in Oxford, London, at the Univeristy of Oxford with main focus on Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as achieving his Certification in Kinesio Tape application. Andreas Saltas is also currently attending his Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Montana and has also attended many continuing education courses throughout his career. He has extensive knowledge and experience in manual therapy with a focus on joint mobilization, trigger point, myofascial therapy and release using the Graston Technique¬ģ, and sports specific rehabilitation. He specializes in neck, shoulder, knee and spinal rehabilitation.


150-33 14th Avenue
Whitestone, New York
by appointment only

Instagram: @bodmechanic