Human Fitness Our Coaches

Our coaches have one mission, help you reach your goals. We understand that every student is unique and will require a different approach. Thankfully we have a lot of tools available to us. The coaches have invested heavily in their education and communication skills. Using knowledge, science, clear communication, and trust we ensure long term progress that’s pain free in a fun environment.

Education is a major focus at Human Fitness. 

In addition to reading, watching videos, working with other professionals in our field, our coaches take a lot of seminars. Continued education is what helps us get you the best results. Here are some of the seminars the coaches have attended to further their understanding of the human body.

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek into the lives of our coaches, we’d love to hear from you. Who are you, what are you goals, and how can we help you reach them? Click here to fill out our orientation form and before you know it you’ll be training!

What’s the point of getting fit if you don’t get to use it? 

As a way to keep our students fit, inspired, healthy, and invested in themselves we host fun events. Together our coaches and students have gone skydiving, kayaking, skiing, biking, and more. Click here to see pictures from our events and find out why we place an emphasis on investing in community.