Human Fitness Our Mission

We’re all human yet every body is unique, just like our approach to fitness.

How well do you move, what do you eat, what are your habits, what are you goals? Assessment is our number one tool to ensure we optimize your results and keep them. At Human Fitness we will help you unlock your potential.Mission.

Fit : adjective – of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.

What quality do you want to approach your goals with, what is your standard?Mission. because

Being fit is more than having the ability to finish a workout. Training at Human Fitness will help you handle daily tasks and stress with ease. By choosing us you’re raising the standard for how you want to feel. You’ll notice the difference in energy immediately and look forward to your next training session. Our results transcends what a training system can offer.  Mission.

You want a fit body that can do awesome things but you also want to be pain-free.   Mission.

That’s our specialty and the “why” behind the creation of Human Fitness.


We guarantee you

  • the body you want, safely
  • better performance
  • a workout where you laugh as much as you sweat
  • a community of awesome fellow humans


Let’s get your started, click here to fill out the orientation form.

A trainer will contact you within 24 hours to find a time that works for you.

The life expectancy of humans continues to grow and so do fitness fads.Mission.

Our training philosophy is built around keeping you healthy and moving well for the long term. Having a supportive team increases our students ability to succeed. We facilitate their success by surrounding them with like-minded individuals. Click here to check out our community page and see some of our adventures. Mission. because

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Before you go, check out Max’s instruction video on getting good glute & core activation while stretching that pesky lower back.