Human Fitness Orientation

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You’ve filled out the orientation form, there’s a good chance you visited our other pages – homepagemissioncoaches, or community. Your vision and our philosophy are aligning. We can’t for you to experience your orientation and feel the difference our training creates. Epiphany moments come and go. Do we use the knowledge we gained in the AHA moment? At Human Fitness, epiphany’s happen all the time and lead good habits paired with long lasting results.

“I’ve been ______ like this but when I do it this way, I feel so much more!”orientation

BAM! That’s how we start to create habits that optimize your movement. These habits make you feel more, feel better, and allow you to explore. Our coach Max recalls a student performing their warm up for the day. Typically they would turn around by taking a few steps. Instead, his student jumped and did a 180 degree turn in the air and continued their warm up. Where did that come from? That’s a classic HF epiphany moment. Throughout our training we work on building better mechanics and increasing the different movements you know. Between adding to your “movement vocabulary” and strengthening your body, your brain will begin to optimize your movement. 

Movement can be euphoric and it has unlimited benefits. As a by product of great movement you can expect to gain musclestrengthflexibilitymobility, and confidence. Getting leaner (fat loss) is a nice perk of moving more and moving better too. Do you have goals for your body and how you want to feel? We are the best personal training gym for you. Our personal trainers have spent over two decades in the fitness industry researching the most efficient methods for client success.